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Super Swage 600, Dillon

Artikelnummer: USDI20095
1 790 kr inkl. moms

"Until now, reusing military brass, with its crimped primer pockets, has been a tedious task. The Dillon solution is a remarkably simple device that bolts to your bench and allows you to swage the primer pockets with speed and ease. The case is supported from the inside, so you won't be tearing the rims off the brass. A tool steel, hardened swage rod (easy to change from large to small primers) simply rolls the crimp away. No reaming is necessary. Our unique compound cam leverage system assures not only ease of operation, but perfect alignment with each and every round. Sound simple? It is and it works. What's more, it's inexpensive. The Super Swage 600 comes with large and small swage rods, .22 and .30 caliber backup rods, and a 45ACP adapter.

Available options include a 9mm/38 Special adapter and a 40 S&W adapter."