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Avtrycksmekanism lättar från 2,7 kg till 1,3 kg på Ruger 10/22.

Artikelnummer: RU90462

BX-Avtrycksmekanism för gevär Ruger 10/22.

Lättar avtrycksvikten från ca 2,7 - 1,3 kg.


"The BX-Trigger™ is a light, crisp, "drop-in" replacement trigger assembly that is compatible with all Ruger® 10/22® rifles and 22 Charger™ pistols. The BX-Trigger™ is a Genuine Ruger Factory Accessory and is the perfect upgrade for all 10/22® rifles and 22 Charger™ pistol models because of the significantly reduced pull weight of approximately 2.75 lbs. (versus 6 pounds on the standard 10/22® trigger). The BX-Trigger™ is sold as a complete assembly that drops in to replace the existing trigger assembly. A video of the installation process can be found at

Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory"