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Pistol Sig Sauer P226 SL SO BT 9 mm

Artikelnummer: SON226155
13 500 kr inkl. moms

This version of the P226 SL has rails and beavertail (not shown on the picture).

Ideally balanced model suited to rapid shooting: The P226 SL is success you grab onto. The P226 has a 100% steel design with a stainless finish. Highest quality workmanship and a robust, durable design. Ideal for IPSC and service pistol competitions. With beavertail.

- Caliber 9mm Para

- Sight radius in mm 157,3

- Barrel length in mm 112

- Barrel diameter in mm 13.5

- Number of grooves 6

- Dimensions (LxHxW) in mm 196x140x37

- Weight incl. magazine in g 1,205

- Trigger weight in N (approx.) 20

- Magazine capacity 15