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Pistol Hämmerli SP20 RRS .32 hög L

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Grundpris17 900.00
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The sequence of thoughts and motions during shooting cannot be completely planned. Part of the process will always remain intuitive. Marksmen who trust their inner rhythm will dominate whenever the challenge involves both precision and speed.
Competition shooting requires more than top performance by marksmen. It also calls for faultless function and ergonomics of the gun. The SP 20 excels with a fluent operation, calm shooting and an extremely fast rate of fire.

· Counterweight with new recoil reduction system (RRS)
· Rear sight with manually adjustable height and width
· Adjust width and depth of rear sight notch
· Integral front sight with three different sight widths
· Receiver with adjustable buffer system
· Conversion kit - Cal. .22 l.r. or .32 S&W WC
· Exchangeable trigger system
· Wide range of accessories
· Comes with a plastic case, second magazine and cleaning kit
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